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Your journey with BOLD Lansing is all about helping you and your family get to a better place. How you define it is up to you, but we'll be there to help every step of the way.

BOLD provides four stages of support: Save, Plan, Prep, and Manage. Choose which stage best fits you.


Lansing students and their parents start saving for post-high school education, whether that be trade school, a certification, community college or university.

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Commit to the idea that education after high school is possible and necessary, and start planning to make it a reality.

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High school students approaching graduation prepare for life after high school.

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Identify financial challenges, set goals, and create an action plan to manage your finances and achieve financial strength.

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BOLD Action Plan

Between the four stages of BOLD (Save, Plan, Prep, and Manage), you'll be taking a lot of steps to accomplish your goals. View our action plan to easily keep track of your progress and stay organized.