Our purpose is to build a strong financial and
educational future for our children and our community.

BOLD Lansing convenes the strengths of local partners to support Lansing students and families through all stages of education, financial stability and socio-economic mobility.

Why we do what we do

We want to inspire and empower all students living and attending school in Lansing to achieve postsecondary education with the financial planning resources necessary to get there.

In the long term, Lansing as a whole will prosper, both economically and socially, from a more educated, financially empowered workforce; expanded opportunities; and BOLD Lansing’s ripples of impact.


The journey with BOLD Lansing begins with two simple beliefs: that you are worthy of having goals and capable of achieving them. Once you believe, we provide any support you may need.


We optimize your potential by providing the resources necessary to unlock your natural capabilities, and make the most effective use of the financial and educational resources available.


A commitment to education sets the foundation for BOLD Lansing’s work. We believe in the power of learning; no matter where you’re at in life, we’ll help you get to the next step.


Setting ambitious goals should not be limited to those born with the resources necessary to reach them. Dreams come in all shapes and sizes, and our services support everyone’s right to dream and achieve.

How it Works

BOLD Lansing empowers people in Lansing to continue their education beyond high school. To do this, we provide step-by-step financial education and planning to help Lansing students, their families, and young adults save for postsecondary education a little bit at a time. Our end goal is to help everyone feel closer to their goals than they were yesterday.

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What does success look like to you?

When you partner with BOLD Lansing, you've already taken a powerful step toward your own definition of progress—whatever that may be. Saving for your child's education? Looking for career counseling? Want to get out of debt? BOLD Lansing will help you get started.

Together, we can break down your big goals into manageable plans, supporting you with education and tools throughout the process. With each step, you're not just making progress toward your own goals—you're writing your own definition of success for generations to come.

Our network of partners combines strengths from across education, finance, and the community to support students and families as they grow and achieve.

Lansing Save

A savings program that automatically enrolls all incoming Lansing School District Kindergarteners with an account at MSU Federal Credit Union, and provides them with opportunities to contribute throughout their school years, earn incentives, so they can save for college. MSUFCU seeds each account with the first $5.

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Mayor Schor and his administration believe that financial empowerment is economic development at the household level. To that end, the Office of Financial Empowerment (OFE), a component of the Department of Neighborhoods & Citizen Engagement, works to provide Lansing residents with the tools necessary to increase financial capability and economic mobility.

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Lansing Schools

Supports students’ dreams with career pathways that will foster their interests and skills, and provide a competitive edge. The career pathways are based on high-demand careers that will foster students’ interests and skills — giving them a competitive edge in jobs, learning, and life. In the district, students can start pursuing their dreams in their early years (K-3) with career awareness activities, further explore career pathways in the middle grades (4-6) and receive real-world learning experiences in high school that will turn their dreams into a career opportunity by graduation.

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Michigan State University Federal Credit Union serves as the official financial education partner with BOLD Lansing through the Lansing SAVE program. Lansing SAVE is a savings program that automatically enrolls all incoming Lansing School District Kindergarteners with an account at MSU Federal Credit Union. This also provides students with financial education from MSUFCU Financial Educators and opportunities to contribute funds throughout their careers as Lansing School District students so they can easily save for postsecondary education.

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Financial Empowerment Center

The Financial Empowerment Center provides free one-on-one financial counseling. They work with clients to help them establish or improve a credit score, open a safe and affordable bank account, reduce debt and save for an emergency. Free financial counseling can help parents plan for their children’s postsecondary education expenses and can help college students make strong, healthy financial decisions during the transition time to financial independence.

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Cristo Rey

Cristo Rey Community Center is a 501(C)(3) basic-needs provider serving the vulnerable populations within our community with an emphasis on access to medical care, mental health services, food, and financial counseling. CRCC was opened in 1968 to help meet the needs of the poor, the vulnerable, immigrants, migrants, and all people in need regardless of language or culture.

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A community collaborative dedicated to increasing college attainment in the Lansing region that supports college advisers in each of the Lansing high schools assisting students to navigate the college-going process from applications, scholarships and financial aid, to enrollment in postsecondary degree and credential programs.

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Lansing Promise

A scholarship program that helps Lansing’s young people achieve their potential by providing scholarship dollars and support for post-secondary education. The Lansing Promise gives students who live, attend and graduate within the Lansing School District the potential to become Promise Scholars. Upon acceptance, each scholar is eligible to receive gap-filling tuition assistance over a four-year window for credits at Lansing Community College, Michigan State University or Olivet College.

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The Community Economic Development Association of Michigan (CEDAM) is a statewide non-profit organization that supports its diverse membership to create vibrant, sustainable and resilient communities. CEDAM partners with local communities to develop service integration programs, like BOLD Lansing, in order to improve family financial security and advocate for economic opportunity for all Michigan residents.

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