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From getting your money on track to saving and preparing for college, BOLD Lansing is here to help. Why? Because we believe strong families make a strong community and everyone deserves to dream.

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The journey with BOLD Lansing begins with two simple beliefs: that you are worthy of having goals and capable of achieving them. Once you believe, we provide any support you may need.


We optimize your potential by providing the resources necessary to unlock your natural capabilities, and make the most effective use of the financial and educational resources available.


A commitment to education sets the foundation for BOLD Lansing’s work. We believe in the power of learning; no matter where you’re at in life, we’ll help you get to the next step.


Setting ambitious goals should not be limited to those born with the resources necessary to reach them. Dreams come in all shapes and sizes, and our services support everyone’s right to dream and achieve.

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Together, we can break down your big goals into manageable plans, supporting you with education and tools throughout the process. With each step, you're not just making progress toward your own goals—you're writing your own definition of success for generations to come.

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