Programs like the Lansing Promise Scholarship and Lansing SAVE help students and their families pay for education after high school. The Lansing School District provides the foundational education and support needed for students to develop their strengths and choose the career path that suits them best.

Lansing Promise

The Lansing Promise is a commitment to our community. It’s a commitment to you. We want our students to reach their true potential, so we are offering college tuition assistance for students that are eligible.

What Lansing Promise does

Once you become a Promise Scholar, you’ll receive scholarship money for up to 65 credits at Lansing Community College, or the equivalent dollar amount toward tuition and fees at Michigan State University or Olivet College.

What you can do with a Lansing Promise Scholarship

65 credits at Lansing Community College is enough for one of the following:
An associate degree in criminal justice
An associate degree in applied science in welding technology
A certificate of achievement in massage therapy, and many more degrees and certificates
At Michigan State University, you can pay for one of the following:
Half of the tuition needed for your bachelor’s degree.
Two semesters of room and board, a meal plan, tuition, and books.
At Olivet College, you can pay for:
Three semesters of room and board, a meal plan, tuition, and books.


In order to become a Promise Scholar, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Live within the Lansing School District boundaries.
  • Attend 9th – 12th grades at a high school within the Lansing School District boundaries.
  • Graduate from a high school within the Lansing School District boundaries.
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Lansing School District

The Lansing School District develops student potential by exciting their interest in post-high school education. We teach elementary students the importance of continuing their education, guide middle schoolers as they discover their interests, and support high schoolers as they transition into college or trade school.

Throughout their Lansing education, students are exposed to real-world learning opportunities and the different careers that await them beyond high school.

Elementary school

Elementary school is a time for setting expectations. Teaching kids that education doesn’t end after high school helps them remember that message throughout their schooling. It’s a time to teach them that education after high school—whether it be a 2 year college, a 4 year college, or a trade college—will help them get to a career that they will like.

When students start elementary school, we discuss their career pathway with their parents/guardians to understand the best way to support them throughout their education in the Lansing School District.

Middle school

Middle school is a time of exploration. Students explore potential interests and discover what they’re good at. They figure out their likes and dislikes, so they can eventually choose a career path that best suits them.

Additional learning activities like Xello, Pledge Ceremony, and the Future Scholar Certificate stimulate students’ interest in various career paths. These start in 6th grade and continue all the way up to 12th grade.

In 7th grade, students participate in hands-on events like the STEAM Dream Fair for Girls and Skilled Trades Exploration Day for Boys. Throughout the course of the year, individual school activities are put on, as well.

In 8th grade, students take a field trip to the Wilson Talent Center, and other individual school activities occur throughout the year.

High school

High school is a time for action. Students look toward education and career opportunities after high school to make a decision for their future. As they approach graduation, they take the steps needed to secure their career path, whether that’s applying for trade school or filling out FAFSA for college.

In 9th grade, Xello lessons continue and other activities like MiCareer Quest are introduced to students. Students also visit Michigan State University for a campus tour.

In 10th grade, students visit Lansing Community College (Main and West Campus) for a tour.

In 11th grade, students attend the Groundhog Day Job Shadowing Experience and take a field trip to Olivet College for a campus tour.

In 12th grade, complete FAFSA, students apply to college or trade school and apply for the Lansing Promise Scholarship.

To see how Lansing Promise fits into the bigger picture of BOLD, view our complete Action Plan.

Lansing SAVE

The Lansing SAVE program automatically starts every Lansing School District student (K-6) with $5 in an MSUFCU savings account so you and your child can start saving for post-high school education.

MSUFCU repeatedly visits your child’s school to offer financial education and opportunities to make consistent deposits. Little steps—one at a time—add up to big effects. In this case, that means the opportunity for Lansing students to pursue higher education and to get a career that is prosperous and meaningful.

To learn more about the SAVE program, head to the Save page.